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The smart way to fund your next project

PuZL-Fund is a blockchain based crowdfunding platform.
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Who are we
Our Story

Our funding team was tired of low quality/unambitious NFT drops, as well as the increasing number of rugpulls happening everywhere. With PuZL-Fund we set out to solve these problems.

Our Vision

We want to create a platfrom where creators and supporters can come together to make exciting new projects possible. We strive to create a new kind of crowdfunding where backers feel 100% secure about their donations and receive unique and valuable rewards.


PuZL-Fund is a blockchain powered smart contract application. Donated money gets locked up in smart contracts and is only incrementally released to the creator, if the backers are happy with the project's progress. Top backers will be rewarded with project unique NFTs.

How it works
Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund

How it works


1. Set project milestones

The funding process starts out with the creator setting the project's basic properties like project description, milestones with deadlines, funding goal etc.

2. Funding

Backers send funds to the project, just like in traditional crowdfunding, until a preset funding-deadline is reached. During this process, a public leaderboard tallies the top backers via their chosen pseudonyms. The donated funds get locked in a smart contract.



3. Money gets released in stages

If the project has reached its funding goal, then the work towards the first milestone begins. A fraction of the total donations, allocated to the first milestone gets released to the creator. In this way he has the funds necessary to begin working towards the completion of this milestone. The remaining funds stay locked in the smart contract.

4. Backers' choice

After the creator finishes working on the milestone, each backer has two options. If they are content with the way the project is progressing they can continue to support the project. On the flipside, they can also decide to exit the project. In this case, the remainder of their funds are released from the smart contract and sent back to them.

5. Repeat process until completion

Once every supporter has made their choice, the above process gets repeated. Funds for the next milestone are released to the creator, the creator completes the next milestone, and finally the backers make their choice again on whether they want to keep funding the project.

6. Distribute fractionalized NFTs

Once the project is completed, its final creation gets fractionalized into multiple unique pieces which are distributed to the top backers as NFTs. Fractionalization will look different for different types of projects. If the project is an art gallery, a comicbook, a music album, etc. the single artpieces, book pages or songs make up the fractions. For a single piece of art, fractionalization is achieved by cutting the artwork into multiple smaller pieces which then get handed out as NFTs. This can be done for a picture, a piece of music, or even a video.

Marcel Schmidt - Comic Book Artist

"PuZL is a gamechanger
for creators!"

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